With Pressure from the homosexual lobby growing to have same-sex marriage legalised in Australia, it is vital we speak out to our elected representatives asking them to reject this radical rewriting of marriage law that would undermine the family and be harmful to the common good of society.

“Natural marriage – the union of one man and one woman – is written in the human heart!”

Marriage has always been the union of a man and a woman. If same-sex marriage becomes law, our children will grow up not knowing what real marriage is.

Legalising same-sex marriage would be gravely harmful to the common good.
Homosexual marriage is not a civil right: it is promotion of homosexuality. It is part of an agenda being pushed on society by homosexual activists.

Our elected leaders need to hear your view! Your signature is vital and will make a difference.
There is nothing inevitable about homosexual marriage. Together we can stop it. Thank you for signing!

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