In his Facebook page, Kevin Conolly, the NSW State MP for the seat of Riverstone in Sydney’s north west, has expressed his support for traditional marriage as “Both the best environment for raising children and the ordinary expression of complementary of human nature”.

In his published statement, Conolly also adds that “Marriage existed before parliament s and governments, it is a relationship that reflects the law of nature and does not depend on the laws of government for its meaning.”.

Conolly is one of the many Liberal MPs, both in the State and Federal parliament who has recently expressed their support for traditional marriage in the midst of the current debate on the definition of marriage, following the referendum in Ireland and subsequently a bill to amend the current Marriage Act introduced by Leader of the Opposition Bill Shorten.

This statement is a sound reflection of the sentiment on marriage and family in elsewhere away from the inner-city area, especially in Sydney’s north West, which the demographic is composed of mainly middle and working class families whose emphasis on family value is far more visible and vocal than in the inner-city area.

The Facebook post has since generated many heated comments and drawn supporters and anti-family activists alike. You can find his full statement here.

Don’t forget to show him your support for his courage!

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